Simple. Effective. Newsletters.

Qazy is the simplest way to create your newsletter. Write it in our amazing editor, distribute it with our blast email tool and get paid with our integrated billing.


No more complex systems, plugins or integrations. Just sign up and write. Today.

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The Best Writing Experience

Don't settle for a crude text editor or an antiquated content management system.

We built Qazy with an amazing user experience for writers. It's import to enjoy writing and with Qazy, we guarantee you will love the process.


Email Distribution, Integrated Payments, And More

Easily distribute your newsletter with one click. Gathering subscribers and collecting payment is built-in so there is nothing more you need to set up. And you get an amazing looking blog to host all your writing forever.

Our email distribution is built on a powerful and reliable global infrastructure and comes with tracking analytics.

We leverage Stripe for our payment system which allows for a secure and simple process for your recipients to subscribe.

How It Works

Once your account is approved, you will receive an email with your first-time login instructions. This email also explains the steps to integrate your Stripe account if you are charging your subscribers.

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Better Than The Rest

Qazy is better that Tinyletter, Substack or Revue. Why? Take a look.

Tinyletter Substack Revue
Dedicated Blog Yes, A Beautiful Destination No Yes, Very basic Yes, Very basic
Free & Paid Newsletters Yes No Yes Yes
Transaction Fee 4% No paid newsletters 6% 10%
Payments Integrated Yes No Yes Yes
Web Authoring Elegant & Modern Basic & Limited Basic & Limited Basic & Limited

We Love Newsletters

We are a small group of dedicated Newsletter enthusiasts. We enjoy working with people who have something to say and love to build great publications. Our team has decades of experience writing and building world-class Newsletters for individuals and companies. We are excited to make Qazy work for you.